Welcome Reception

We are very excited to announce a new addition to next years Botanica Conference. The Botanica2018 welcome reception will be a night at the movies! Hosted in the University of Sussex, Uncommon Scents will premier their independent documentary with special treats.

The evening will commence at 18.00pm with an opportunity to meet the trade exhibitors and at 19.30pm the Botanica2018 Movie Special will premier: showing sections from the Uncommon Scents movie followed by a Q&A with the executive producers of Uncommon Scents.

As interest in, enthusiasm for, and engagement with essential oils grows more widespread and mainstream, millions of people around the world use aromatherapy as a natural approach to health and wellness and a means to more natural living. While enthusiasts are well aware of the power of natural aromatics, much about aromatherapy’s origins and potential—and many of its details, applications, and challenges—remain largely unexplored. This documentary will convey the breath and depth of what aromatherapy is, what it offers, who is using it, how it works, who it’s helping, and why it matters.