Vivienne Campbell, Ireland



SKINCARE FORAGING WALK: Discover wild & cultivated plants that can be used to treat skin conditions and are the source of ingredients used in natural cosmetics, herbal medicine and aromatherapy.

Vivienne Campbell is a qualified herbalist, professional cosmetic-formulator and foraging teacher. In this gentle amble around the grounds she will show local wild plants that can be applied to the skin topically (e.g. as poultices, ointments, creams or macerated oils) or taken internally to improve skin health and relieve some skin conditions. We will also see plants that are the sources of seed oils, fixed oils, essential oils and hydrosols. Vivienne is passionate about the importance of organic growing and sustainability. She loves teaching people to appreciate the plants that grow around us and the vast amount of work that goes in to producing the ingredients that we use in our clinics and products and so often take for granted.


Friday 31st August: 11 am – Noon

No booking required: first come first served.

Dress for the weather!

Vivienne’s Bio

Vivienne Campbell BSc (Hons) qualified as an herbalist in 2003. She is lives Ireland and runs an herbal medicine clinic here. She teaches classes on herbal medicine, wild food foraging and natural cosmetic-making in Ireland & the UK and teaches hundreds of people worldwide via her online course.

Vivienne is a popular speaker at international conferences and events. She has appeared on Irish television numerous times, including a weekly foraging feature with celebrity chef Richard Corrigan. She was also interviewed for the upcoming documentary, Uncommon Scents: The Movie. She’s been involved in all the Botanica conferences since they began in 2012.

Vivienne loves teaching people how to use herbs simply, effectively and joyfully. She believes it is everyone’s birth-right to know how to use common local plants as nutritious wild foods and healthy-enhancing natural remedies. She loves to empower people to take more control of their health by sharing this knowledge and teaching these skills. You can discover more on her website:

Qualification: BSc (Hons) Herbal Medicine

Professional memberships: The National Institute of Medical Herbalists, The Association of Foragers.