Asli Yazicioglu, Turkey

A fragrant revolution at the botanic crossroads of Europe and Asia

Asli obtained her qualification as a pharmacist at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Istanbul as well as an MBA from Koc University. She has both pharmaceutical and pharmacy management experience. After her own life experiences, she decided to work more closely with other evidence-based treatment options as well offering a more gentle health care approach without harmful side-effects.

Following training in basic pharmacognosy and fragrance studies, she also undertook holistic and clinical aromatherapy training in different countries. In 2016, Asli initiated the first hospital-based clinical aromatherapy consultation space at Liv hospital in Istanbul, Turkey. She still works there as a clinical aromatherapy expert and is a member of the ‘Healthy Living Management Council’ in the same hospital, which takes a multidisciplinary approach to health promotion. In her role within the council, Asli is in charge of the development of personalized phytotherapy, aromatherapy and active cosmetic products. She is also the vice president of Turkish Aromatherapy Society.
In 2017, through her business Klinikaromaterapi, Asli developed a new aromatherapy training model for health care professionals such as doctors, pharmacists, nurses and other clinicians with a goal to create awareness about scientific and holistic aromatherapy. This training is very popular with its innovative and comprehensive curriculum and includes guest lecturers from different backgrounds and specialties and takes place at the phytotherapy institute of Bezmialem Vakif University.

Aside from her private training, Asli is also visiting lecturer at 2 different faculties of Pharmacy in Istanbul.
Asli is passionate about sharing scientific and up-to-date information about essential oils to health care practitioners and the public without ignoring their traditional background, promoting essential oils as gentle, effective complementary therapy interventions for healthy lifestyle and the treatment of various diseases.